We have just started offering hyacinth bulbs on our site and the response has been pleasing. We hope to offer many other varieties next season! I have enjoyed hyacinth flowers for many years but honestly did not know a whole lot about growing them. This post is to share the knowledge I have of them so far so that you can do well growing your own!

You can grow hyacinth bulbs in soil or you can also "force" them to bloom in forcing vases. We do sell the forcing vases if you are unsure of where to find them!

In the ground, hyacinth bulbs should be planted in mid to late fall, any time after the first frost. Of course, you can grow them in pots or in forcing vases whenever you choose. Just remember not to let your bulbs get soggy as they will rot.

One very important thing to note is that some people are allergic to hyacinth bulbs, me being one of them! As a seller, I ordered a large quantity of hyacinth bulbs and began handling them right away. I had never heard you could be allergic to the bulbs until I watched a YouTube video over them. So, I am one of those lucky "allergic" people. As I was sorting through the box, I noticed I began to itch. It was like tiny bugs were stinging me. There were no bugs in the box. I then assumed I must just be stressed out and getting hives some how. It wasn't until I watched the video that I realized it was the hyacinths causing it. Rest assured, if you use tongs or gloves to handle your bulbs, there are no worries. I am convinced the reaction occurs because the bulbs are so concentrated with their perfumey fragrance! Also, if you happen to not be allergic, you are good as well. Just in case, I recommend gloves or tongs so that an antihistamine won't be needed. :-)

If you do attempt to force your bulbs, here is a quick rundown of how to do it:

You will, of course, need your forcing vase. You will also need some pebbles or decorative rocks for the bottom of the vase. You will fill the bottom inch with the pebbles or rocks and add water. Place your bulb in the top portion. (I would use tongs or gloves.) Make sure the very bottom of the bulb is in the water so that roots can form. Also, roots seem to form best in darker spots than in full sun like you may think. Once you start seeing roots, make sure you tilt your vase to let the "yucky" water run out every few days replacing it with fresh water. The smell is going to be similiar to water left in the vase of an old bouquet of flowers. You must keep the water clear and pretty so not to rot your bulb. 

Happy growing!!!! If you have any questions on hyacinth care, feel free to message me and I will try to help!