Dancing With Nature...a passion for growing rare plants....

It’s always interesting to learn the background of a business…the “what”, “where” and “why.” Dancing With Nature is a horticultural business aimed at growing and selling the rarest of the rare specializing in hybrid plants. Not all of our plants are super rare, but if they are not, they have an unusual purpose or use that we feel the need to share with other plant enthusiasts.
I would have to blame the “roots” of Dancing With Nature on my love of nature that had to be attributed to the fact that I was blessed to be raised amongst the pine trees of Southeast Texas.  To this day, it is hard to beat the peacefulness my soul feels when returning to the beautiful pine filled country roads of the prairie I was raised on.
While in school, my ambitions of being a fashion designer or interior designer were shot down. I was told competition was too great and that since I soared academically, I should use my intellect rather than artistic abilities. I wound up going into the field of accounting but my creative side would not rest. My mind was always full of unique ideas, and it was something that I could not put aside. It fueled my happiness. Ironically, plants did the same thing. The whole process of watching them grow, nurturing them until they produced the most awesome blooms around, healing wounded plants, and the continuous cycle of life a garden brings became an obsessive addiction to me.  Plants were necessary in my world much like air and water. They were not optional.
Dancing With Nature was created with the idea of combining beautiful rare plants with artistic touches. We didn’t want to simply “grow” plants but rather “dance” with nature.
I’ve used many outlets over the years to share my rare beauties including EBay, Etsy, Facebook, Craigslist, festivals, and plant sales.  The plan is to seal the deal soon with a full service nursery. I am glad you are interested in the journey of Dancing With Nature.
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