I am sure many of you have not heard of the Moringa Tree aka Drumstick Tree, Ben Oil Tree. They are highly valued due to their edible parts having a high vitamin and mineral content. This already sounds like something you need in your yard during these times, right? Not only are they fantastically healthy, they are attractive as well with their delicate, wispy leaves. The leaves, seeds and pods are edible as are the roots earning it another nickname "Horseradish Tree" as the taste is similar.

Moringa leaves, pods and seeds have more Vitamin C than four oranges combined! They also have high amounts of calcium, zinc, iron and antioxidants. Tossing a few leaves in a soup, salad or omelette is comparable to taking your daily vitamins and likely way less expensive!

Moringa trees can grow 35 feet tall and have a span of 25 feet. For this reason, we choose to grow ours in a container so that the foliage is easier to reach! Moringa trees have unusual white bark and bloom pretty white flowers! The pods grow about a foot long and turn a shade of brown resembling a drumstick. It's growing zones are 4-11 on the patio and 9-11 outdoors.

We currently have 3 gallons available for $60 plus shipping. They are 5-6 foot tall. Message us for delivery or for shipping quotes.