Hey, ya'll!  I do love to cook....I just don't always have the time to share my recipes but I am stopping today to make sure I do! If you have read some of my other recipes, you know I am not great with measurements. I really don't measure things often so it's kind of a little of this and a little of that.

We have finally gotten some herbs in....we were delayed by our supplier all year due to the Texas Freeze. Well, with herbs now on hand, I'm ready to play! French Toast is one of my all time faves and honestly, French bread is best for soaking up the delicious batter. I didn't have any when I made these and they were still delicious with regular bread....Texas sized bread cut thicker would be even better if you need to use sandwich bread.

In a bowl, beat 1-2 eggs...it really depends on how many pieces of French Toast you aim to make. For one or two people, this is the right amount. If you are feeding an army, increase your ingredients. Traditionally, you would add milk to the eggs. My granny used to use evaporated milk. In this mix, I actually added coffee creamer....I use "Natural Bliss" and had "Sweet Cream" flavor on hand. In place of this, I have used whipping cream which is awesome and also Rumchatta before! :-) So, how much, right? Your mixture will be mostly egg so only a splash or two is needed to thin the eggs out and make them sweet!

You can add a bit of honey to the mix but I was out. I added Coco Real Cream of Coconut...this is the squeeze container of coconut goodness you use to make pina coladas. My granny used to add in a couple of teaspoons of white granulated sugar in the old days. Now, I rarely use white sugar and at least opt for brown sugar. This drink mix has enough sugar to please the taste buds. Add a squirt or two. Traditionally, vanilla extract is added. I added coconut extract instead. I added a pinch of salt as well. Beat all of this together. I added in real coconut chips...unsweetened and pecan pieces. Oh, and since we are working on recipes for the great herbs we just got in, I minced some organice chocolate mint into the batter to add a zing! (We have quarts available in the shop.) Batter your bread in either whole or half pieces or triangles if you are feeling extra special. 

You will need to have preheated a nonstick skillet with some yummy butter to toss the bread into. Cook on one side until browned. Gently lift a side to check color. Before you flip, add the pecans and coconut with mint that more than likely has fallen to the bottom of the bowl due to heaviness to the top of the bread. The idea is to cook these into the bread. You can flip a time or two gently to achieve nice color on both sides...and boom! You are ready to serve these with sprigs of chocolate mint for garnish. I added just a splash of real maple syrup to the top. You can add that, powdered sugar or spray whipped cream as a finishing touch.

Need an accompaniment? I love my granny's "Cowboy Eggs"...they are simply scrambled eggs (eggs beat with milk...whipping cream makes them fluffier) added to browned bacon pieces and onion chives in the pan. This time, I added garlic chives as we also have those available in our shop and honestly, I have not cooked with them before. All was very yum! Hope you enjoy!!!