Okay, we are getting somewhere! Temps are dropping a bit. We are craving campfires, hot cocoa and extra snuggly blankets! Oh, and something extra yummy to warm our bellies!

Here is a new twist...I usually make this with just bacon but this time, I've also added a ham steak cubed. The result: delicious but heartier than before.

My recipes don't have much measuring. I'm kind of an "eyeball it and taste" kind of cook.  To start this recipe, I suggest chopping your ingredients up so that it's all ready to go. For veggies, I used a small bag of red potatoes (the size you would toss into a seafood boil), a few stalks of celery, half an onion, and three cloves of garlic. I used four  ears of corn and I scraped the kernels from the ears so that we would have super fresh corn! 

I then, chopped up the ham steak into bite sized cubes and sauteed them a bit in the Dutch oven. Afterwards, I added a cup or so of whipping cream and then the veggies and another cup of milk to the mix. 

I seasoned it all up with chicken fajita seasoning, black pepper, paprika, dill, thyme, and tossed in two large chicken bouillon cubes. I feel it needed a dash of nutmeg as well...nutmeg goes with potatoes...not a lot but a dash. I was out of nutmeg so I didn't get that bit of flavor. You want to cook it all on medium  heat dropping to low and making sure you add more whipping cream or milk as needed. Some people will want theirs with more liquid and others more hearty. While it's cooking, bake a package of bacon in the oven...moving up to broil at the end to finish. Remove the bacon from the oven and drain on paper towels.

Then, go outside...yes, outside! Maybe you grow your own dill and thyme and could have grabbed that fresh as well. Right now, I don't have those but I did grab a handful of parsley and of sweet basil. I washed and chopped these and tossed them right in!

Now, your bacon has cooled and is crispy! Throw that in the pot as well. Let it simmer a bit more stirring to ensure you are not sticking on the bottom. If it is boiling fast, be sure to turn your heat way down. Milky soups like this can scorch.

You are almost there! I toss in a couple of teaspoons of butter and check the seasoning once more. Add what it is missing or if it's good like it is, it is ready to go once your butter has blended. I know this recipe won't appeal to those who don't or can't eat pork and I wouldn't boast it's diet friendly, but it is very savory!

And, hey, ya'll...don't throw those corn on the cobs away....birds will like to peck on those!