I'm trying to improve on my blogging contributions. Right now, I have a little bit more free time so I will use that to my advantage. :-) I wanted to talk about a subject that is on everyone's minds right now: fighting Covid and dealing with the Pandemic. I won't discuss vaccines here because I feel that is a personal decision. What I do want to discuss is how whether you decide to vaccinate or not, you should aim to boost your immune system. 

There are all kinds of online posts that tell you which vitamins are most powerful in the fight against Covid. Some of these include Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, B Vitamins, and others. I would encourage you to educate yourself on them. As well, we get many vitamins through the food we eat daily.

We all have noticed the soaring of grocery store prices. I will tell you anyways not to skimp on your grocery bill at this time if you can afford it. Be sure you are stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables and quality cuts of meat, poultry and fish. What I want to focus on more is the emphasis on growing your own herbs, vegetables, fruit, etc. It is the perfect time to commit to this!

Malabar Spinach-A Climbing Variety

Today, I made an omelet. Omelets are a fun way to be healthy. You can include so many good things into an omelet. I will admit, I did add bacon to my omelet but I also added Malabar Spinach, basil and Moringa leaves all grown in my backyard. I added a couple of thin slices of store bought jalapenos (this is something I normally grow tons of on my own but we recently moved from the freeze and I did loose lots of plants). I also added mushrooms from the store. The point is, an omelet is a good way to get needed vitamins into your body.  I've been making omelets forever and one tip I would share from my granny (if you haven't heard me say it already, she raised me)...the tip is to use only a few drops of water when making an omelet. You don't want to add milk or whipping cream like you would for scrambled eggs. You want a "stiffer" egg in this case..one that you can fold over in the pan.

Are you wondering what Moringa is? The Moringa Tree has often been called "The Miracle Tree." Its tiny leaves have 7 times the Vitamin C an orange does, 4 times the Vitamin A of a carrot, 4 times the calcium found in a glass of milk, 3 times the potassium found in a banana, and 2 times the protein in yogurt. I am growing a Moringa Tree in a pot. It has grown like crazy, and I am considering planting it in the ground or at least in a larger pot. I look at Moringa as if it were a vitamin.. I harvest only a few leaves and throw them into the dish I am making. 

Moringa Tree

Those are my thoughts for the moment. I wanted to share with all my customers and friends the importance of boosting our immune systems during this time. Don't forget to also get outside! The sun provides us with most of the Vitamin D we need naturally. If you are able, be sure to include exercise in your daily regimen. A strong body is harder to compromise. Get your heart pumpinng and your lungs working well. 

I couldn't conclude this without mentioning the importance of water! Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water, green tea, probiotic drinks, and herbal teas. Limit drinks that dehydrate you. Stay healthy, ya'll! Go plant something today that will aid in your family's well-being.