Our mother Strictum has grown into quite the monster. I am constantly trimming her to make new hanging baskets and starter plants yet she just continues to grow and grow. It wasn't until this year that she has bloomed consistently. I am going to guess that is based on her maturity and also that I hear epiphyllum like to be rootbood which she surely has to be. I will be separating her into two pots once I can find a helper to pry her lose from her current one.

If you have never tried to grow epiphyllum, this is a great one to learn from. Her stems are stiffer than some of the other epiphyllums making her more durable and strong. She is a nocturnal bloomer so be prepared to watch her blooms open to the moonlight. Their scent perfumes the air so you will be glad you waited for her!

As growing other epiphyllum, soil should be well draining so potting soil amended with perlite or pea gravel works well. And feed for the best blooms! She will need a rest in winter with pretty cool temperatures but never freezing. Always protect your epiphyllums from freezing weather. 

This is a plant we consistently carry so check our listings. We try to provide updated pics of the ones we have in stock.